Thoughts on Downtime

A lot of downtime all over the place.  You know all about the Verizon mobile data downtime for example….  okay, if you don’t, I surely do since the 4G and 3G outages have been pretty annoying.  You know what?  It actually is hard to keep your systems running properly.  Besides, its easier to come close to the SLA and then ask for people to request credits, rather than running a bulletproof system.

Of course, downtime when it comes to your billing solution–ouch.  Double ouch.  I know it’s not professional to do this, but I’ve been stunned by the recent rash of outages in the SaaS billing world.  Why not try herehere (too), here, and here (hidden), to check out a few.

Not to mention that many of our main competitors take their systems down once a month for simple patches claiming its for “functionality”.  Yes and no.  It is, but that’s also because they haven’t architected a system that can handle updates without going down.  Subscription economy…  or subscription roadblock?  You decide.  But just remember…  even 40 minutes of downtime can be a million dollar mistake.

And that’s just billing.  Imagine if your entire infrastructure lived in the cloud?  Scary thought indeed.


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